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Stock your brand across a number of our stores earning a massive 75% of the full retail value both in store and online.

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Access to over 7,000 retailers globally.

Stocked in 1 of our MAD Fashion House stores. You will also be stocked on our online store for the world to see.

Please note the following;

- All stock sent to the stores must come with a packing list and uploaded to our systems.

- All payments to the brands are processed on the 24th of each month.

- Any online sales should you wish to be stocked on our online store too must be fulfilled by the brands. There is a fine of €100.00 for any order not fulfilled that has been marked as so.

- Each brand is liable for their own shipping costs. Should it arise that you wish to have your goods returned for any given reason it is at the discretion of the brand.

By entering into this subscription you are acknowledging the terms of our services.