Start A Brand

Looking to start a brand? We have a tonne of resources available to any Irish & UK start up. It’s difficult starting out , and we are here for you. We have everything your brand needs in order to launch successfully. From web development right through to manufacturing and market strategies. We have a dedicated team available to you for all your manufacturing needs. From tech packs right through to design and sampling with premium manufacturers world wide. With over 96% of start up fashion brands failing after launch we are proud to say we have a 100% success rate with all of our brands. Its always important to remember when starting a brand that it’s not about what you make , but what you save. If you are saving money you are making money and that’s what were here to help you achieve. We open up all of our resources to the brands to ensure their success. For us its all about growing the brand with the business and ensuring your success. Wholesale being the most important factor for any brand starting out. Wholesale will help you achieve a continuous and viable source of revenue for your business. Allowing you to progress the business further to achieve the end goal. Wholesale also reduces your cost of stock as it allows you to increase your order size therefor also increasing your product margins. A lot of brands tend to get the wrong advice starting out , sampling from all the wrong factories and sinking huge capital before even launching. Working with us will ensure your brand is put on the right track from day one. Opening all of our resources and industry contacts to you. We also open a number of pop up shops each year for our start up brands to aid with their brand awareness and help them build well needed capital. All of which is covered under our exclusive package. When it comes to budget , it doesn’t matter if you have €200.00 or €20,000.00 , we will cater a plan around your business to fit your needs. If you are prepared to put the work in , we will help you achieve your goal.

To register your brand today , please submit your contact details followed by you & your brands details. Please also enclose a brief overview of the brand and website link. We look forward to hearing from you.

 - Management