Subscription Policy

All subscriptions are only fully refundable up to a 28 day period. However subscription refunds are subjected to the following:
  • B2R has not carried out any requested work on behalf of the second party.
  • Should you receive sales within the 28 day period.
  • Should you use any of the B2R resources. ( eg: Manufacturers , distributors , agencies etc. )
  • Should B2R carry out any web development for the subscription holder.
Any refunds requested after 28 days from purchase will be subjected for review at the discretion of B2R Fashion Wholesale Limited. You will not be entitled to a refund after this duration period after use of our services. However the query for a refund will be processed by our team in good measure. Please note payments in arrears will be deducted from payouts if payments have not been made or overdue. B2R has the ability to freeze payouts if payments in arrears are significant until the balance is resolved.
To cancel your subscription please file a submission form below.